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        At this time, cherkaski vaguely felt that he might have gone wrong, so he sent three envoys to the king of Shiva between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea, asking him to give him some help, but the messengers he sent never returned. As a result, cherkaski had to change his plan, and the coastal coastline turned down and began to head north. It was the second year that they left their hometown. In July, they had not found the Amu Darya. The scorching summer sun scorched people to sweat. The explorers fell down one after another. Cherkaski was so anxious that he could only pray silently for the miracle to happen. Another month later, the expedition arrived at the oasis in the territory of Shiva. These oases are irrigated by the Amu Darya River. Cherkaski was ecstatic, and the team members were also in high spirits. The team could not help but speed up their march.   In the middle of the night, Shaowu should be awakened by the servant girl. When he opened his eyes, he saw a finger length, almost transparent hyphal flower growing on the leaves of the plant. This was the legendary BOLUO flower, the most poisonous flower in the world. Lin Wanshi came into the room with a crystal glass half filled with wine. She cut the flowers into pieces with scissors and put them in the glass. The flower will melt into the wine, but the color of the wine will not change at all. According to the requirements of Lin Wanshi, Shaowu drinks the poisonous wine, and his stomach is as hard as swallowing the charcoal. Finally, Shao Wu's mouth opened and he only heard the sound of "wow" and vomited out a mouthful of poisonous blood. Under the careful conditioning of Lin Wanshi, Shaowu's body recovered quickly. In the middle of the night, Ying Shaowu finished practicing xuanming sword in the back garden of Boro village for nine days. He was about to return to his room to have a rest. He saw a figure in the woods before him, and a man in gray flashed by. Ying Shaowu followed him from afar. The man in grey came to the secret room in the backyard. Ying Shaowu used the secret method of acupoint pressing to knock down two guards who were watching the wind and got close to the window. 

       We know we're late - there's nothing we can do about it. We inquired with the onlookers. They said that everyone went to see the play as if nothing had happened. We kept calm and kept quiet. Later, when the hapless old king was bouncing and bouncing on the stage, a signal was sent, and the whole audience rushed forward and caught them. We slowly turned back home, and our hearts were not as messy as before. We just felt a little guilty and sorry for others, even though I had never done anything wrong. Things in the world are often like this. Whether you do it right or wrong, it doesn't matter at all. A man's conscience is not good or bad. If I had a yellow dog, like a man's conscience, and could not tell the good from the bad, I would poison it and pull it down. One's conscience takes up more space than one's five internal organs and six lungs, but it is nothing. Tom Sawyer, he said the same thing.    Recently, Aunt Liu has lost several teeth. Her speech is leaking and eating is difficult. She is always teased when chatting with old friends in the community. Aunt Liu was angry, so she called Xiaolan to complain and said that she must have some gold teeth inlaid. After hearing this, Xiaolan couldn't laugh or cry, so she asked Aunt Liu to go to the hospital in the county town to inlay, and there was no need to worry about the cost. Aunt Liu went to the county town the next day. Aunt Liu inlaid four gold teeth, two front teeth, and the two inside, which cost thousands. After inlaying her teeth, Aunt Liu can't wait to find her old man. She grins when she speaks. Don't be complacent. That day, Aunt Liu was chatting with the old fellows when she suddenly stopped. She misspelled several words and her head twitched slightly, which was very strange. It turned out that the good time was not long. Aunt Liu's problems of leaking air and blurring her tongue before inlaying her teeth all came back, and they became more and more serious. From then on, Aunt Liu always felt strange in her mouth, and her teeth chattered when she spoke. She was often dizzy, which made her unwilling to talk more and sullen all day.

        After lunch, the child's grandfather came back from the third mother's home after dinner. I asked him, is there enough people in the third mother's house to sit down? The child's grandfather said that the daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and the aunt next door did not eat. One year after Spring Festival, my husband and his second grandfather invited him to his home for dinner. I said that I think people may be polite not to go, because their relationship is normal. My mother-in-law insisted that we should go and go, and also let us bring a bunch of gifts. After noon, there was only one child at home, which could be said to be very embarrassing.  It turned out that the old man not only saw the laziness of Ah Ming and ah Qiang, but also worried about him. He tried to persuade them, but they could not listen to it. However, he let his son go out to play a lazy ghost from the local government. Unexpectedly, he received a magic effect, which made Amin and a Qiang change their laziness.

      Ali Baba was afraid because if he met a gang of gangsters, the donkey would be robbed and his life would be hard to protect. His heart was full of fear, and he wanted to pull out his feet and run away. However, as the men and horses were getting closer and closer, it was impossible to escape from the forest. He had to drive the donkey loaded with firewood into the path of the jungle and climb up a big tree to escape. By this time, the gang had already run to the tree, stopped and stood in front of the big stone. There were forty of them, each of them young and vigorous and quick in action. Ali Baba looked at it carefully. It seemed that this was a group of robbers who had just robbed a caravan full of goods and had come here to share the stolen goods or to hide the stolen goods.  Although there are more and more friends who get C1 driver's license, there are still many people who are not very familiar with C1 driving license. Many drivers were fined by traffic police for driving non-C1 driving license. At the same time, we should pay special attention to the fact that these models are no longer in the C1 ranks. If they are caught driving on the road again, they have to take the first exam again! Let's take a look at the C1 driver's license. The permitted driving models of C1 driver's license include small and micro passenger cars, light and mini trucks, light, small and mini special operation vehicles, as well as those permitted by C2 and C3 driving licenses. In other words, many of our common models are in the C1 driving license. My job is to monitor the fermentation process data every day and take samples for detection. From the aspect of color and flavor, we have to detect at least 20 indexes. There are about 25 samples in that batch of tea. In addition to the need for repeated detection, there are about 1000 tests. &These dolls come to our place from big cities, and they can bear hardships. For example, the environmental conditions in our places are also poor. When it rains, they can't eat water at all. Sometimes when water and electricity are not available, they stick here and really work hard. These little teachers are very kind to us and patiently teach us how to do it. Come here to work, give us more than 1000 yuan a month. We grow three or four acres of tea at home and sell them here. We earn more than 2000 yuan per mu, which is still a good income. Now that our house has been built, we still have a good life. In August 10th, the nine session of the 189th Standing Committee of the Baiyun District Committee (enlarged) was held to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the forum of non party personages and the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Recently, the spirit of the Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and the municipal Party committee has comprehensively deepened the spirit of the reform committee, conveying the spirit of the nine plenary session of the Ten Session of the municipal Party committee and arranging the implementation of the work in our district. Song Xusheng, Secretary of Baiyun District Party committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Bu LAN, deputy secretary and governor of the District Committee, Ren Ping, chairman of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Ruan Xiaoyan, chairman of the CPPCC, Han Xuesong, deputy secretary of the District Committee, and relevant leaders of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the District, the government and the CPPCC of the district attended the meeting. The meeting pointed out that the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, standing tall, profound thought, rich content, for our scientific planning of “ 14th Five-Year ” development and grasp the work of economic and social development has provided a strong ideological weapon and scientific action guide, all regions and departments at all levels should thoroughly study and understand, conscientiously implement. We should deeply understand the general secretary Xi Jinping's scientific judgement on the current situation, take a higher stand, broader vision and a larger pattern to treat the current &ldquo of Baiyun; ” and “ ” insist on the general keynote of the general work guideline in steady progress, do a solid job in “ six stabilize ” work, implement &ldquo fully; six protect ” task, seize the international and domestic “ double cycle ” New pattern of western development and new opportunities for high-quality development of Guiyang Gui'an should be developed as soon as possible to seize the first opportunity to accelerate the high-quality economic development of Guiyang.

      The Public Security Bureau of Xifeng County has carried out a thorough investigation of drug addicts, such as "clearing, clearing the storehouse, and clearing the hidden places". The Public Security Bureau of Xifeng County has made sure that the number of registered drug addicts is clear, and the dynamic situation of 1384 drug addicts in the whole county is timely and accurately recorded. Among the 1384 drug addicts, in addition to 130 on the spot for drug treatment, the remaining 1254 drug addicts are currently in the community. According to the measures for risk classification assessment and control of drug users in social areas, the local police station and the drug control office have assessed three risk categories, namely high, medium and low risk, and conducted interviews and home visits to drug addicts according to the prescribed time limit, frequency and personnel Comprehensive query. Although it was impossible to confirm the existence of Antarctic land at that time, cork had actually made a circle around the outer part of the Antarctic continent. On the south pole, cork once predicted in his diary: "it is not easy and dangerous to explore the unknown ice sea coast. According to my experience, I don't think anyone will follow my adventure. I am sure that there are continents in the south, but they can't be found." At that time, he might have seen the Antarctic Peninsula from the slope of the hillside on the island of lessepson. The captain of the seal fleet may have been the first to discover the Antarctic continent. The place he found was vast mountain areas, and with thicker snow and fog than the South cydland islands, it was extremely desolate.  According to the prediction at that time, the location of the magnetic south pole was 66 degrees south latitude and 146 degrees east longitude. In order to find out the right position, three countries in the world formed three expeditions respectively. The British team was led by James Clarke Ross; King Louis Philippe of France also sent Dumont duvier to explore the Antarctic continent for "the glory of France". In the United States, Capt. Charles Wilkes was the captain of the expedition to the Antarctic continent to carry out a large-scale exploration. Recommended visit:  

      i see! ——And there's nothing I can do about it. Tom and I are going to sleep in one room and one bed. So, since we were sleepy, we just had dinner, said good night and went upstairs to sleep. Then he climbed out of the window, slid down the pole, and ran up the town, because I didn't expect anyone to tell the king or the Duke. So if I can't hurry up and give them a letter, they'll have an accident. On the way, Tom told me how people thought I had been murdered, how my father disappeared soon and never came back; how Jim had caused a shock when he escaped; every single thing he had told me. I told Tom about the two hooligans performing "the Royal beast" and the whole process of drifting on the raft and so on. Because there is not much time, we can only talk about it. When we got to the town, we went straight to the center of the town - it was eight thirty at that time - and saw a large group of people coming like the tide, holding torches, roaring and shouting all the way, pounding the tin pot and blowing the horn. We jumped aside and let everyone pass. As the procession passed, the king and the Duke were riding on a horizontal bar - in fact, it was just that I think it was the king and the Duke, because they were all painted and covered with feathers, and they were no longer human beings. At first glance, they looked like the ferocious and terrible feathers worn by two soldiers. Ah, it makes me sick to see this. These two poor hooligans, I really feel sorry for them, as if from now on, I can no longer hate them.    Since this year, we have been taking the party members' participation in the community governance as the carrier, taking the party members' ability to participate in the community governance as the carrier. According to the scale of 400 households and 1000 people, yongyang street is divided into 85 grid units for unified number management. Establish a five-level organizational structure of the "sub district party working committee Village (community) Party branch (Party committee, general Party branch) - grid Party branch (Party group) - Building Party group - Party member central household" and "1 + 1 + n & dquo" of group Alliance Village, Department village and Party member and cadre guarantee grid; Team structure, to fully promote the party's organization and work to the grid coverage, promote Party members and cadres to sink into the grid, Party organizations and Party members report to the grid integrated system, and establish a four level linkage operation mechanism of streets, communities, grids and buildings.  

          In the Tang Dynasty, a man named Hao Guangyou took his wife and daughter to see the dragon boat race on the Dragon Boat Festival. When he got home, Hao Guangyou had a drink and couldn't wake up. In the evening, a sad cry came out of his house, and then his wife began to cry. After interrogation, Hao's wife insists that the passageway was there when she bought a real estate. Sun Kun begged her several times, but she didn't agree. When interrogating sun Kun, he said that although the channel connected the two families, it had never been used. Hao's wife replied: "it can only be said that it is predestined. I once made a divination this spring, saying that our husband and wife's zodiac are mutually exclusive. Either he or I will die. If I had known that, I would have died in my husband's place. "  

      According to the relevant work arrangement of comprehensive treatment of back streets and alleys in Guiyang City, Guiyang Economic Development Zone Construction Management Bureau, in combination with the public welfare project for people's livelihood implemented in 2020, has arranged a special construction fund of 30 million yuan to carry out engineering treatment work on 30 back streets and alleys in the whole district. The main task is to change the white pavement to black road and comprehensively upgrade the sidewalk tiles, with an area of about 88030 square meters. At the same time, we should clear the blocked sewage pipes, set up standard stalls, standardize the lines and beautify the walls; in view of some merchants in the western industry and rural trade market, their stalls and counter items are not placed in order, and the garbage in the market is not cleared and transported in time. The Quality Supervision Bureau of Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone requires the organizer of the agricultural market to take immediate action, set up a fair scale strictly, improve and improve the management of measuring instruments and the responsibilities of management personnel. In view of the fact that some farmers' markets have not set fair scales or fair scales are damaged, and some merchants' electronic scales have not been verified and used, law enforcement personnel have ordered the farmers' markets to make prompt rectification. All the problems have been fixed in person, at fixed time and with fixed responsibilities. They are required to rectify within a time limit and cancel their numbers one by one.  According to the announcement issued by the court, the 6500 goats were divided into two batches. Among them, the evaluation price of 3300 black goats was 18 yuan / Jin, and the starting price was 18 yuan / Jin, with an increase of 0.3 yuan / Jin. 3 200 Hu sheep, the appraisal price is 16 yuan / Jin, the starting price is 16 yuan / Jin, and the increase range is 0.3 yuan / Jin. All bidders are required to pay a deposit of 100000 yuan. Online auction of live goats has also attracted many netizens' attention. These two batches of sheep also attracted more than 5000 people to watch. On August 9, after 14 rounds of bidding, the user name Yin won with the highest bidding price. The transaction price of black goat was 25.8 yuan / Jin. In addition, Yin bought Hu Yang for 20.5 yuan / Jin. However, the geriatric scooter, also known as "laolaolaole", is not included in the C1 driver's license. I believe that many friends have seen the elderly scooter, this type of car is very popular with the elderly. If you are caught driving such a vehicle, you will be driving without a license. If you drive a motor vehicle without a motor vehicle driver's license, or drive a motor vehicle during the period of suspension or suspension, or hand over the motor vehicle to a person who has not obtained a motor vehicle driver's license or whose motor vehicle driving license has been revoked or suspended, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall impose a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan He was also punished with 15 days' detention. Finally, there are motorcycles. Many C1 license holders mistakenly believe that they can drive motorcycles after they have a C1 license. But you know, motorcycles now have their own exclusive license. After lunch, the child's grandfather came back from the third mother's home after dinner. I asked him, is there enough people in the third mother's house to sit down? The child's grandfather said that the daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and the aunt next door did not eat. One year after Spring Festival, my husband and his second grandfather invited him to his home for dinner. I said that I think people may be polite not to go, because their relationship is normal. My mother-in-law insisted that we should go and go, and also let us bring a bunch of gifts. After noon, there was only one child at home, which could be said to be very embarrassing.