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2020-08-15 12:15:12



       Sun Zhigang stressed that the provincial Party committees and governments at all levels should take the initiative to implement policies to serve enterprises well and help enterprises develop healthily. We will unswervingly implement the policy of aiding and benefiting enterprises and ensure that all measures directly benefit market entities. We will strengthen financial services for market players, and effectively solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises. We need to foster a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment and provide better public services to market players. Leading Party and government officials at all levels should focus on building pro-Qing relations between government and business, improve their ability to deal with market entities, and help solve difficulties and problems in accordance with laws and regulations. We should attach great importance to helping individuals and businesses solve problems in rent, taxes, social security and financing, and support the healthy development of individual businesses and businesses.     

       At the same time, Kaiyang county also compiled and painted four industrial chains of new phosphorus materials industry chain, aluminum-based new materials industry chain, power battery industry chain, and selenium-rich ecological food industry chain according to the current situation of industrial development. Panorama & throughout; , relying on a series of preferential policies can encourage and attract foreign investors to invest in Kaiyang, encourage and guide existing enterprises to expand production and increase efficiency, vigorously consolidate the industrial foundation, optimize the industrial structure, promote the quality and upgrading of county economy, and form a new development pattern of strengthening weak links, strengthening chains and strengthening industries. In addition, in order to crack the impact of the business environment. Pain points throughout the &; & other; Throughout the difficulty &; & other; Plugging point & throughout; Problem, get through the policy implementation & LDquo; The last meter. , Kaiyang County also set up a special rectification supervision accountability work leading group, focusing on the business environment, focus on the rectification; Can't do it, generally do it, look at it, don't want to do it, do it hard, do it the other way around. The six categories of officials, focusing on their work style, government services, supervision and law enforcement, and convenient services, will severely punish misconduct, slowness, misconduct, lack of accountability, and lack of accountability, as well as corruption. We will promote the implementation of all policies and measures to benefit enterprises and the people, and build a new type of relationship between government and business that is friendly and clean. Mechanism innovation makes urban management refined and long-lasting. In the face of civilized city card carrying this game. Big test & throughout; , Wudang District innovates working methods by implementing party members to take the lead, comprehensive improvement, grass-roots supervision, & LDquo; Top ten projects; And voluntary service measures, so that the region's creative work to see attitude, see intensity, see breadth, see depth, see precision, see temperature. Build a city of refinement. & ndash; Replace the damaged street lamps, repair the damaged pavement, clean the filthy and damaged trash cans & Hellip; & hellip; Since the rectification began, Wudang District Comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau took the initiative to go to the front line. At 5 o 'clock every morning, the sanitation workers begin their day of sweeping and garbage removal. The chengguan have begun to persuade vendors, curb noise and deal with all kinds of violations. The municipal workers have started the inspection of municipal facilities to create a more comfortable living environment for the residents.   

        Registration for the seventh national census will begin on November 1. This is a major survey of national conditions and national strength carried out during the critical period of China's population development. 14 or 15 & throughout; The plan provides important information support for promoting high-quality development, improving the population development strategy and policy system, and promoting long-term balanced population development. For the first time in this census, the census objects can be filled in by themselves. Please actively cooperate with the seventh national population census. & have spent At present, our country is in a situation of ldquo; Two hundred years. This is a period of historical convergence of our goals. We have entered a decisive stage to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and we are about to embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects. Compared with the previous censuses, the seventh national population census is of particular practical significance at such a special and important time.     

      The more you see, the more beautiful it is. The road is getting smoother. In recent days, yunyan district streets and lanes are producing gratifying changes. Many points together create, all - round blossom. Yunyan district takes streets (towns) as the most important point to realize the basic foundation of urban civilization, centering on & LDquo; Work is arranged at the grassroots level, problems are solved at the grassroots level, standards are required at the grassroots level, public opinion is improved at the grassroots level. Aim, bottom foot & LDquo; Embroidery skills. We will improve the appearance of cities and deepen the reform of civilized cities across the country. & other; In the renovation work of farmers' market, streets actively promote & Lsquo; Street whistle, department report The working mechanism combines the strength of district urban management, market supervision, municipal administration, sanitation and other forces to gather the powerful synergy of grassroots governance, and jointly thoroughly clean up the chaos around the farmers' market on Minsheng Road, so as to upgrade and transform the market as a whole. Throughout the &; Wenchangge street related person in charge said.    To better implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand in the new round, we should focus on expanding and strengthening the domestic market, follow the trend of consumption upgrading, strengthen investment in infrastructure and industrial chains, expand the scale and level of consumption, expand the capacity of the domestic market, and make the domestic market more attractive to international industries, enterprises and resource factors. First, we will promote the upgrading of the consumption-oriented industrial chain and unleash the potential of investment and consumer demand. In order to meet consumer demand, we will combine the expansion of domestic demand with the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and combine supply with demand to expand and strengthen the domestic market. Specific terms, to intensify investment in innovative industry, high quality products, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the domestic industrial structure adjustment and enhance our capacity for independent innovation and brand construction, support advanced manufacturing industry and a variety of new industries, new model and new business development, increase supply high quality products and services, meet the residents' effective demand; We should increase investment in the industrial chain, reduce excess production capacity of intermediate products, and encourage key industries to extend the industrial chain from intermediate products to final demand-oriented industries in the direction of China's industrial development. We will promote open and high-quality development of the service sector, improve the quality of supply of the service sector, and consider relaxing market access restrictions for tourism, culture, health, elderly care and other service sectors, so as to improve the quality and level of development of the service sector and better meet consumer demand for services. The meeting focused on the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech delivered at the 22nd group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. General Secretary Xi Jinping on & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; The important guiding spirit of the planning and preparation work; The important instructions of Premier Li Keqiang to the National Teleconference on work Safety; Spirit of the third Clean Government Work Conference of the 13th Guizhou Provincial Government; Video teleconference on production safety in Guizhou Province; The spirit of the ninth Plenary Session of the 10th Session of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee; Spirit of the Standing Committee meeting of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and the sixth Meeting of Guiyang Municipal Committee for Deepening Overall Reform; Spirit of clean Government Work Meeting of Guiyang Municipal Government and Guian New District Administrative Committee; Executive meeting of Guiyang Municipal government and office meeting of director of The Management Committee of GUI 'an New District; The spirit of the meeting of the Leading Party Group (expanded) of Guiyang Government and the Meeting of the Leading Party Group (expanded) of the Management Committee of GUI 'an New Area.

            Byd's latest sales figures also showed that it sold 31,300 vehicles in July, up 1.3 per cent from a year earlier. After six consecutive months of declining sales, BYD saw its first positive sales growth of the year in July. In addition to the continued strong growth of fuel vehicles, the recovery of new energy vehicles was the main driving force. & other; The large increase was mainly due to a low production and sales base in July after last year's subsidy decline. Throughout the &; Xu haidong said, based on the current new energy vehicles to the countryside and the end of the double points pressure, new energy vehicles will maintain a relatively stable growth in the latter months of this year, the domestic new energy vehicle market sales volume is expected to be 1.1 million units this year. Tesla, meanwhile, is expected to sell around 100,000 new energy vehicles out of 1.1 million units sold, he noted.

      ChenYiQin pointed out in the instructions, to fully understand the current employment entrepreneurship of the gravity of the situation, comprehensively strengthen employment policy priorities, stepped up efforts to implement the burden, stabilizing and expanding employment, livelihood initiatives, fully release the potential of the whole society to absorb employment, increasing comprehensive employment support and services, make out support, plan as a whole pays special attention to the college graduates and home peasant workers, poor labor, change of relocation labor force for poverty alleviation, employment difficult personnel employment entrepreneurship focus groups, to ensure smooth employment situation overall, ensure complete annual employment goal task, to be completed for high quality win out of poverty and economic and social development to provide high quality guarantee. At the meeting, representatives of responsible comrades and grassroots employment and entrepreneurship from Guiyang city, Qiandongnan Prefecture and Guizhou University exchanged speeches. Members of the provincial Leading group for Employment and full staff training and leaders of colleges and universities in Zizhu province will attend the meeting at the main venue, while leaders of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district, special zone) governments will attend the meeting at the sub-venue.    & other; We build the integrity of the demonstration street as a carrier, to promote civilization, civilization promote prosperity, and effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness, security of residents. Throughout the &; Yanwu Street related person in charge said, the activity to Jincang Road, Jixiang Road and extension as the integrity of the demonstration point, through a series of activities, to create a model of honesty and credibility, the window of civilized management. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the creation, Yanwu Street was developed. Package & throughout; Practical recruitment, including the implementation of good faith publicity, the implementation of the filing system, the implementation of party supervision, evaluation activities, such as the establishment of a red blacklist. In the aspect of carrying out the appraisal activity, will be listed for the civilized good faith star class business, and will give the reward. In terms of the establishment of a red blacklist, the street will establish a red list of good faith and a black list of bad faith according to the identification standards. If the rectification is not completed, a rectification notice will be issued. Merchants that fail to meet the standards, rebound, refuse to implement and repeatedly fail to rectify will be criticized and educated for the first time, notified of rectification for the second time, and blacklisted for the third time.  

        This youth science and Technology into the community activities targeted to arrange seven youth science and technology hands-on brain courses, covering mechanical, electronic, aerodynamics and other content. Among them, science and technology model activities integrate science, competition, hands-on and brain-based activities. According to the relevant person in charge, learning scientific model making can stimulate students' interest in exploring the field of science and technology, and effectively improve children's logical thinking ability, brain and hands-on ability, as well as the ability to find and solve problems.  For example, this year, the key watershed water ecological environment protection. 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning is the first attempt to face the whole process of society. Open door planning. . On July 27, water ecological environment protection in key watershed 14 or 15 & throughout; The promotion meeting of planning will be held, emphasizing that the planning will adhere to the problem, the crux, the countermeasures, and the implementation. Where are the four? Work method, pay attention to field research and & LDQUO; Open door planning. . 15 November 2019, Hebei Province & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; The symposium of planning experts was held to invite domestic famous experts to hebei Province & LDQUO; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning work pulse consultation, guidance. Experts around Hebei & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; The period of strategic positioning, development path, from the promotion of reform and opening up, the implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, creation & LDQuo; Xiongan quality. , promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, strengthening ecological progress and improving the business environment, etc., and put forward a series of valuable opinions and Suggestions.

       In the age of big data, everything can be digitized, so can educational resources. In recent years, relying on the technical support of big data, Fuge Education, located in the Digital Economy Industrial Park of GUI 'an New District, has built an online education ecological cloud platform. It USES the big data generated by the platform to analyze the pain points and blind spots of each student, timely adjust the educational behavior and realize personalized education. In March 2018, Vogel Education settled in Guian New District. Over the past two years, Vogel education has helped a number of students to pass the exam and realize their dreams. At present, the organization has served about 100,000 students. At 10 o 'clock on August 10, more than 200 staff members were answering students' questions one on one through computers or mobile phones in the Vosger education office. Fang Hengliang, vice President of Vosge Education, said more and more users are choosing online education when it comes to learning styles. Online education is the combination of Internet technology and traditional education. Its advantage lies in the breakthrough of time and space constraints and more flexible ways of acquiring knowledge. At the same time, with the development of mobile Internet, students can also conduct fragmented learning through mobile devices.  On August 11, the author was informed at the kaiyang County 2020 Opening up and Optimizing business environment conference that the county issued the "Kaiyang County Investment Promotion Preferential Policy (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Preferential Policy"). It is understood that the introduction of the preferential Policy is aimed at encouraging and attracting foreign investors to invest in Kaiyang, encouraging and guiding existing enterprises to expand production and increase efficiency, further consolidating the industrial foundation, optimizing the industrial structure, focusing on strengthening weak links, strengthening the chain, zhuang industry, and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Kaiyang county. The "preferential policy" in the process of develop, mizar county and the county government attaches great importance to, multiple deployment project meeting research, strengthen the top-level design, fully absorb the good experience of both advanced area, and a symposium held by entrepreneurs, and other forms for many times for public opinion, listen to the opinions and Suggestions of entrepreneurs extensively, launched after revising.

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