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        Cote d 'Ivoire is known for its beautiful natural scenery. The jewel of West Africa; However, the relatively weak infrastructure and power grid system has become one of the important factors restricting its economic development. In March 2017, China State Grid Xinjiang Transmission and Transformation Co., Ltd. undertook the development and transformation project of the State Grid in Cote d 'Ivoire. After more than three years of efforts, the level of power grid and the coverage rate of rural power grid in Cote d 'Ivoire have been greatly improved. The project is scheduled to be fully connected by the end of the year and will cover 20 percent of the country's power-hungry areas. Project advancement needs to overcome many disadvantages. The Segela substation is one of the most difficult to construct. The station has been in operation for 35 years, and the equipment is old and the installation is aging. The project department carried out more than 10 site surveys in three months and revised the construction plan several times, which was finally approved by the Energy Department of Cote d 'Ivoire. After the local outbreak, the substation restricted the number and time of personnel admission, and the project was faced with new challenges. Liu Fengsheng first in qingzhen city to work in a foundry, after the introduction of friends, to anshun Xixiu District Lunxian furnace co., LTD. In order to pass the quality control of the furnace production technology, he carefully studied the furnace production theory, humbly asked the old staff repeatedly for the key technology, and gradually grew into the technical backbone of the company. Because of his honesty and earnest work, Liu Fengsheng was appreciated by the company leaders and served as the director of Xingyi branch factory in 1996. In the four years in Xingyi branch factory, Liu Fengsheng insisted on honest management, focusing on the production quality and after-sales service, promised that if there was a problem with the stove, as long as the customer made a phone call, maintenance personnel immediately arrived at the scene to deal with. Under the leadership of Liu Fengsheng, Xingyi branch factory develops the market in good faith, and its annual profit increases from more than 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan.  Since the strategy of expanding domestic demand was put forward in 1998, although we have taken expanding domestic demand as the basic foothold and long-term strategic guideline for promoting economic development for more than 20 years, expanding domestic demand has been mainly a short-term strategy to deal with the crisis, with the main purpose of making up for the shortage of external demand and maintaining economic growth. After the crisis, with the continuous progress of economic globalization, external demand gradually picked up, and the focus of economic development changed, so that expanding domestic demand became a phased response to the crisis. In the wake of the international financial crisis in 2008, we once again made the strategic decision to respond to the crisis by expanding domestic demand in response to a sharp contraction in external demand and insufficient domestic demand, making China the first country in the world to recover.


        As an enterprise relying on big data development, Vosge Education has gained the most cutting-edge big data development information since its establishment in Guian New Area. Fang Hengliang said that as a state-level new district, Guian New District follows the principle of High-end, green, intensive; A large number of big data enterprises are gathered according to the development requirements, which is conducive to the linkage effect among enterprises and supports the efficient operation of enterprises. & other; Now, the integrated development of Guiyang City has brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of Vogel Education. We must seize the opportunities and keep innovating to provide better course experience for our students. Throughout the &; Fang Hengliang said. Third, we will strengthen the channels for transferring exports to domestic markets and promote mutual promotion of both domestic and international circulation. We should make it a long-term task to cultivate and expand export channels for domestic sales, strengthen the top-level design of domestic market channels, take advantage of the new development opportunities in the domestic market, and enhance the resilience and flexibility of enterprise development. We will encourage foreign trade production enterprises to make use of big data and the industrial Internet to accurately meet consumption upgrading demands in the domestic market and develop products and brands suitable for domestic demand. We will support foreign trade enterprises in connecting with circulation enterprises and e-commerce platforms. We will make full use of new business forms and models such as online sales, live streaming of goods, and scene experience, so as to expedite the transfer of exports to domestic sales. Strengthen the construction of commodity wholesale system, encourage foreign trade enterprises to cooperate with domestic distributors, rely on distributors to actively carry out marketing, brand agency, sales channel development, big data analysis and other business, improve the domestic market development capacity; We may consider taking measures such as selling processing trade products in China first and then paying taxes in order to reduce the cost of domestic sales and promote the transfer of export products to domestic sales. & other; We build the integrity of the demonstration street as a carrier, to promote civilization, civilization promote prosperity, and effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness, security of residents. Throughout the &; Yanwu Street related person in charge said, the activity to Jincang Road, Jixiang Road and extension as the integrity of the demonstration point, through a series of activities, to create a model of honesty and credibility, the window of civilized management. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the creation, Yanwu Street was developed. Package & throughout; Practical recruitment, including the implementation of good faith publicity, the implementation of the filing system, the implementation of party supervision, evaluation activities, such as the establishment of a red blacklist. In the aspect of carrying out the appraisal activity, will be listed for the civilized good faith star class business, and will give the reward. In terms of the establishment of a red blacklist, the street will establish a red list of good faith and a black list of bad faith according to the identification standards. If the rectification is not completed, a rectification notice will be issued. Merchants that fail to meet the standards, rebound, refuse to implement and repeatedly fail to rectify will be criticized and educated for the first time, notified of rectification for the second time, and blacklisted for the third time.

      Fourth, we will steadily expand the size of the middle-income group and strengthen the support of the domestic market. The middle-income group is an important support for the formation of a strong domestic market. To expand the scale of the middle-income group as the main fulcrum, emphatically through job security, optimization of the income distribution policy, to promote the healthy development of capital market, expanding the coverage of social security system, open channels to moderate income group is low-income groups, to improve the residents' income, promote urban and rural residents' consumption ability. The volunteers were divided into two groups and promoted civilized behavior in various forms. To residents and friends to issue a set of citizens to a friend, civilization raises the dog, garbage sorting and other promotional materials, promoting residents friends consciously stop spitting, littering, painting, damage the public property of the scribble, crossing the road, the grass, cordless walking the dog, and uncivilized behavior, such as pet defecate indiscriminately form good behavior standards; Another group of singing lovers sang "Civilization I come" in the square. We call on all of us to act together and become conscious practitioners of civilization. In his speech delivered at the Nixon Library in California, Pompeo made a full smear campaign against China, deliberately distorted the history and reality of China-Us relations and US policy towards China, amplified the differences between China and the US in the field of ideology, and attempted to revive the hostile policy towards China that the US had long abandoned. Pompeo's speech was filled with ideological bias and cold War mentality, ignoring the facts and going his own way, trying to create fear in the hearts of the American people with lies. Such a liar is a politician. American policy toward China. The culprit for the failure. Pompeo and others make waves out of their own self-interest. Lie, cheat, and steal. When Pinocchio played the game, he spared no effort to dig the wall between China and the United States. He did everything in his power to undermine the relations between China and the United States, attempting to drag China and the United States into conflict and confrontation again and push the world back into turmoil and division. It is a series of crazy and dangerous wrong words and deeds by Pompeo and others that have led to the extremely complicated and severe situation in the bilateral relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties. & other; At the beginning of the construction of the base, I worked here, planting seedlings, managing and picking. Basically, I had something to do every day. Several mu of land in my family was also transferred out, and the money I earned was more or less able to subsidize my family and reduce the burden on my children. Throughout the &; Poor luo Guoshu face with a happy smile. It is reported that the base covers an area of 1000 mu. Up to now, more than 40 local farmers have been employed nearby, and the farmers' income is more than 100,000 yuan. Among them, 16 people from 5 poor households have a migrant income of more than 70,000 yuan. In recent years, the township adopted & LDquo; Branch + company + farmers; , & other Branch + association + farmers; , & other Branch + company + association + farmers; Model, actively guide farmers to develop characteristic industries. Up to now, the whole township has planted a total of 20,000 mu of oil tea, 4500 mu of green tea, 8700 mu of bee sugar plum, 1,000 mu of Chinese herbal medicine, 66 mu of Folate root, covering 105 poor households 349 people, realizing the full coverage of the industry.

      From the perspective of expanding investment, we should focus on increasing consumption-oriented investment, promote consumption-oriented infrastructure investment and industrial chain investment centering on real and potential consumption demand, and form a development pattern in which investment and consumption promote each other. From the perspective of expanding consumption, the expansion and quality of the consumer market in the future will depend not only on supply-side reform, but also on the release and enhancement of the consumption power of the demand-side. To enhance and release the consumption power of the people, it is essential to expand the size of the middle-income group and promote consumption upgrading. For a long time, under the influence of the imperfect domestic unified market, the imperfect domestic trade management system, and the different business models of domestic and foreign trade enterprises, China's manufacturing industry has formed a development pattern in which domestic demand and external demand are parallel, and domestic demand and external demand are separated. On the one hand, when external demand drops, external demand cannot be timely converted into domestic demand, and it is difficult to absorb external demand through domestic demand. On the other hand, it also leads to the coexistence of excess domestic production capacity and insufficient effective supply of goods, making it difficult to effectively meet consumer demand. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, global demand has shrunk substantially, and the situation of excess production capacity caused by external demand has become increasingly serious. How to digest the existing excess production capacity has become a key issue at present.      

       Since wudang district national civilized city rectification crucial work, so far, wudang district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, delimit traffic signs lines, zebra crossing, about 8000 square meters, 4000 square meters of asphalt repair damaged, overhaul and repair stone pavement wink and damaged pavement plate more than 3000 square meters, repel and squatting on city roads or other public venue SheTan the flow of business, selling goods vendor 1779, repel and facade extending strong-arming 746, advised LiLuan stop lying non-motor vehicles 544, advised 478 up from motor vehicle on the pavement, Clean up 101 advertisements and advertising canvas & Hellip; & hellip;    Compared with the external environment faced by the previous two rounds of domestic demand expansion, under the impact of the epidemic, China is not only facing negative economic impacts such as the world economic recession, the sharp contraction of international trade and investment, and the turbulence in the international financial market, but also facing problems such as the obstruction of economic globalization. This has posed unprecedented risks and challenges to China's economic development. It is imperative that a new round of expanding domestic demand not only better respond to the challenge of declining external demand, but also better safeguard the security of China's industrial and supply chains, so as to maintain the stable development of China's economy to the maximum extent. Therefore, the task of expanding domestic demand is heavier this time, and it is required to expand domestic demand from short-term response to short-term response and medium - and long-term strategy

      This youth science and Technology into the community activities targeted to arrange seven youth science and technology hands-on brain courses, covering mechanical, electronic, aerodynamics and other content. Among them, science and technology model activities integrate science, competition, hands-on and brain-based activities. According to the relevant person in charge, learning scientific model making can stimulate students' interest in exploring the field of science and technology, and effectively improve children's logical thinking ability, brain and hands-on ability, as well as the ability to find and solve problems. & other; At present, there are still difficulties in the implementation of some preferential enterprise policies. The last mile. The problem is still not well solved. Throughout the &; On July 15th, around & LDquo in Tianjin CPPCC; & lsquo; 14 or 15 & rsquo; Further optimize the business environment and promote the development of private economy. At the symposium on special research, the President of Tianjin Ningbo Chamber of Commerce called for breaking the policy implementation. Obstruction & throughout; . The book "How To Make China's Five-year Plan", taking the compilation of China's five-year Plan as an example, summarizes and extracts China's unique democratic decision-making model, namely ldQUO; Brainstorm. The decision-making model includes the following steps: group strategy, collective thinking, broad input, collective decision, and appeal to all parties. In this and other 14 or 15 & throughout; In the process of planning, brainstorming is particularly obvious. ChenYiQin pointed out in the instructions, to fully understand the current employment entrepreneurship of the gravity of the situation, comprehensively strengthen employment policy priorities, stepped up efforts to implement the burden, stabilizing and expanding employment, livelihood initiatives, fully release the potential of the whole society to absorb employment, increasing comprehensive employment support and services, make out support, plan as a whole pays special attention to the college graduates and home peasant workers, poor labor, change of relocation labor force for poverty alleviation, employment difficult personnel employment entrepreneurship focus groups, to ensure smooth employment situation overall, ensure complete annual employment goal task, to be completed for high quality win out of poverty and economic and social development to provide high quality guarantee. At the meeting, representatives of responsible comrades and grassroots employment and entrepreneurship from Guiyang city, Qiandongnan Prefecture and Guizhou University exchanged speeches. Members of the provincial Leading group for Employment and full staff training and leaders of colleges and universities in Zizhu province will attend the meeting at the main venue, while leaders of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district, special zone) governments will attend the meeting at the sub-venue. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when he presided over the entrepreneurs' symposium: Going forward, we need to gradually develop a new pattern of development in which both domestic and international cycles play a dominant role and both domestic and international cycles reinforce each other. Throughout the &; Give full play to the domestic market of very large scale advantage, to meet the domestic demand as the starting point and foothold of development, speed up the construction of a complete system of domestic demand, gradually formed in the domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international binary mutual promotion of the new development pattern, is the inevitable choice of China's economic development to a certain stage, is to deal with COVID - 19 outbreak impact strategic moves and international political and economic environment changes. We should maintain strategic focus, increase confidence in victory, concentrate on running our own affairs well, create new advantages for future development, and achieve high-quality economic development. On this basis, Wenchang Street actively guide the market sing. Trilogy & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; One is to complete the upgrade and transformation with high standards. Standard curve & throughout; The second is for market managers, vendors, consumers & LDQuo; Mission song & throughout; The third one is against the operation behaviors violating the market management regulations. Punishment throughout song &; We will do our best to manage the market on a regular basis and build it into a farmers' market with complete facilities, a clean environment, well-managed management and high public satisfaction. & other; I promise: abiding by laws and regulations honest management, children's sou honest management, professional friendly sincere management, honest price honest management, joint construction sincere management, the unity of knowledge and practice sincere management & Hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; A few days ago, yanwu Street district business representatives in the building integrity demonstration street launch ceremony solemnly promised.

          Now the zebra crossing is very eye-catching, although there is no signal, but the traffic will see the zebra crossing will consciously slow down to stop, we cross the road much safer. Throughout the &; Uncle Wang said. In the past, there were such behaviors as disorderly parking and irregular pedestrians crossing the road in Ma Ling Township. The new paved asphalt roads and zebra crossings have made the streets look brand-new and more orderly. In recent days, the old wooden flower pools have been repainted to wear. New clothes & throughout; . In view of the existence of some streets garbage cans, garbage cans are not standard, the body of the bucket is unclean, the township designated the location of garbage cans, garbage bins. Home & throughout; , not only improves the cleanliness of the street, but also creates a good civilized atmosphere for the villagers, making garbage & LDQUO; Home & throughout; To create a clean and comfortable rural environment.  

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