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        & other; Daying Road street has a total of 38 civilized points, 29 back streets, 120 old residential yard. Based on the actual rectification work of civilized cities, streets pass & Lsquo; Three meetings and one Lesson. & lsquo; Party Member activity Day & RSQUo; And other channels to strengthen party building guidance, mobilize party members to take the initiative to participate in the creation of civilization. More than 50 party member volunteers quickly in place, become the pioneer force of civilization creation. Throughout the &; Daying road street, the relevant person in charge said happily, enthusiastic people, young people, college students and other groups have also taken action to actively participate in voluntary services. As the sunflower sold more and more, Li began to take the village women to make sunflower. "I supply them with raw materials, they make semi-finished products, I take them back and reprocess them, and I pay them by the piece." Women in Hunmin village make sunflowers at a handicraft center on Aug. 3. (Pandey/Bright photo) Poverty alleviation, income and prosperity through ethnic handicraft making is just one part of ewenki's battle against poverty. Since they put down their hunting guns in 1990, they have set up agricultural machinery cooperatives, carried out the whole village land transfer, carried out the reform of joint-stock system of village collective assets, developed folk tourism, and gradually embarked on the road to wealth. In 2019, the per capita net income of Hunmin village was 25,000 yuan. In the course of winning the battle against poverty, we have written a magnificent poem of ethnic unity, harmonious development and common prosperity in the minority areas of northern Xinjiang. The villagers of Hunmin Village perform a folk dance in the Old Shenshu Square on August 3, 2008. (Photo by Pandey/Light) Liang Shangzhi, 65, from Lancao Village, Guling Town, Yunyang County, Chongqing, was poor when his right leg suffered from burns when he was a child. But with the help of yunyang's Communist Party committee and government, he started raising chickens in 2015 and has grown from 100 to more than 10,000.

         & other; Base take & Lsquo; Company + village collective + Farmer & Rsquo; In the model, the peasant household becomes a shareholder with land. In the first year, the transfer fee is calculated at 500 yuan per mu, and then it increases by 50 yuan per mu every year, and the ceiling is capped at 800 yuan. After the base produces the benefit, the company carries on the guarantee bottom dividend to the masses according to the minimum standard of 500 yuan per mu per year. According to this standard business accounting, the masses have at least 1000 yuan of annual income per mu of land. Throughout the &; Since May, tomatoes, loofah, peppers, green cucumber and other vegetables have been on the market in large Numbers, said Gao Changgui, an official in charge of the Park in Xifeng, guiyang's 25,000-mu high-standard vegetable supply base. According to the data, from January to July this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 496,000 and 486,000, down 31.7 percent and 32.8 percent, respectively, from the same period last year, the decline continued to narrow compared to the January to June period. But to meet the 1.1m sales target, 614,000 new energy vehicles will need to be sold over the next five months, or an average of 122,800 vehicles a month. & other; We hope local governments will introduce more policies that will benefit more people and be more stable, and ensure their implementation as soon as possible. Throughout the &; Chen said industry enterprises should pay close attention to changes in the domestic market, the introduction and implementation of national and local policies, timely adjust the pace of production and operation, and steadily promote high-quality development of enterprises.  

      Expanding domestic demand includes expanding investment demand and consumption demand. Investment is intermediate demand, consumption is final demand. Although in the past to expand domestic demand are adopted to expand investment and expanding consumption, but as a result of expanding consumer often need a long-term process, in the short term can't achieve the result of expanding domestic demand by expanding consumption, expanding investment become the main focus of boosting domestic demand, past adopted lay particular stress on basic investment and consumption policies and measures. Compared with the past expansion of domestic demand, consumption has become the primary driving force of China's economic growth for several consecutive years, and the trend of consumption upgrading has been further accelerated. Therefore, at present, China's conditions for expanding consumption are more complete. This time, the main focus of expanding domestic demand should not be on expanding investment, but should pay equal attention to expanding investment and consumption, and strive to promote consumption upgrading.   In the aspect of strengthening publicity power, Shui 'an Shangcheng Community makes full use of the building elevator rolling play. Advocate a new style of civilization. Public service advertising, and in the community to implement the packaging of household garbage, cleaning fixed point, dustbin facilities Li Xiaochao: In order to ensure information security, we will strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information through the whole process in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Statistics Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulations on the National Population Census. The census adopted Internet cloud technology, cloud services and cloud application deployment, conducted security management in accordance with the national three-level guarantee of network security, and built a solid data security guarantee barrier. In the process of data acquisition and processing, perfect safety management mechanism, safety protection system and safety audit mechanism are established. In the development of application system, a variety of security technologies are used. The mobile end and the server end adopt strict data encryption and desensitization technology. The whole process of data transmission is encrypted to ensure that the personal information of citizens will not be disclosed in the Internet channel and ensure the security of the personal information of citizens.

       At the same time, all enterprises shall establish and improve the reporting, monitoring and management system for adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination, set up special institutions and appoint managerial and technical personnel with professional knowledge and organizational capacity to undertake the reporting, monitoring and treatment of adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination in their own units. All enterprises should report to the emergency department of the District Health Bureau and the District CDC in time when they are informed or find adverse reactions that may be related to drug use, and actively cooperate with the vaccination units to investigate, evaluate and deal with adverse reactions of vaccination.    For example, Zhu Yongxin, vice chairman of the Central Committee for People's Advancement and a professor at soochow University's New Education Research Institute, has taken into account that by 2020, the country will have completed the task of poverty alleviation, and related concepts and educational poverty alleviation policies and measures will have to be withdrawn or adjusted. In view of this, the relevant departments should be based on the new situation and characteristics, a good plan. 14 or 15 & throughout; The contents and projects of educational support for wisdom and spirit in the period. Zhang Yong, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that at present, China is still in the stage of ecological civilization construction climbing over the obstacle, we should do well. 14 or 15 & throughout; And the medium - and long-term energy conservation work plan, to promote China's energy efficiency continued to improve, leapfrog and catch up.

      ChenYiQin pointed out in the instructions, to fully understand the current employment entrepreneurship of the gravity of the situation, comprehensively strengthen employment policy priorities, stepped up efforts to implement the burden, stabilizing and expanding employment, livelihood initiatives, fully release the potential of the whole society to absorb employment, increasing comprehensive employment support and services, make out support, plan as a whole pays special attention to the college graduates and home peasant workers, poor labor, change of relocation labor force for poverty alleviation, employment difficult personnel employment entrepreneurship focus groups, to ensure smooth employment situation overall, ensure complete annual employment goal task, to be completed for high quality win out of poverty and economic and social development to provide high quality guarantee. At the meeting, representatives of responsible comrades and grassroots employment and entrepreneurship from Guiyang city, Qiandongnan Prefecture and Guizhou University exchanged speeches. Members of the provincial Leading group for Employment and full staff training and leaders of colleges and universities in Zizhu province will attend the meeting at the main venue, while leaders of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district, special zone) governments will attend the meeting at the sub-venue.     In the entrepreneur symposium held in the afternoon of July 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping also mentioned & LDQuo; 14 or 15 & throughout; Period. He points out that 14 or 15 & throughout; This period is of great significance as it marks the first five years of a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country on the basis of finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Relevant departments should carefully study and absorb the opinions and Suggestions put forward by representatives of entrepreneurs. It is believed that through joint efforts, the majority of enterprises and individual businesses will surely play a greater role and achieve greater development in the process of China's socialist modernization. July 17, standing member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

      It is understood that the development & LDquo; Summer brings coolness. Activities are important measures taken by trade unions at all levels to carry out the worker-oriented, care about the lives of workers and promote safe production. In recent years, the General Association of Xifeng County always adhere to & LDquo; Put people first. The concept of, every year hot summer season to timely cool and care to the hands of workers, promote the majority of workers awareness of heat cooling and self-protection ability, to ensure that the masses of workers cool, safe summer, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure safety and production. To ensure the smooth progress of the renovation project, the project Department finally dispatched a temporary shock team consisting of four Chinese engineers and five local business backbone. In nearly 50 hours, the assault team helped the substation complete a series of work such as dismantling the tower, changing the line, catching fire, debugging and so on, and finally delivered power smoothly, 5 hours shorter than the expected time. Stephanie & Middot, substation superintendent; "Said Coffee-la. You can not only endure hardship, but also very execution, work efficiency is very high, admirable! Throughout the &; August is the rainy season in Geisab, in the mountains of western Cote d 'Ivoire. At one construction site, workers wearing masks, gloves and protective clothing are carefully moving materials and assembling them in pieces. Weighing 76 tons and 110 meters high, the tower is the only one in the project. The pylon is scheduled to be completed in another two weeks. Busy crowd, is directing everyone to work, is the construction team leader Alex.  On August 10th, the provincial employment and entrepreneurship work and ordinary college graduates employment and entrepreneurship work teleconference was held in Guiyang. The meeting thoroughly implemented the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Six stability & throughout; & other; Six confirmed & throughout; To make decisions and make arrangements for the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates of ordinary institutions of higher learning nationwide, and to conduct video and teleconference to analyze and evaluate the current situation, and to arrange and deploy this year's work. Sun Zhigang, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and Chen Yiqin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, made the comments. Li Zaiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and executive Vice governor, attended the meeting and made a speech. Hu Zhongxiong, vice governor, presided over the meeting. The touchdown will begin on October 11 and end on October 31. At this stage, census takers should carry out field investigation door by door to find out the number and specific location of houses in each region. They should also enter households for census notification, inquire about the registration method, and get to know the general situation of people inside households. The official registration phase of the census began on November 1. Census takers will be asked to register each household item by item. In the meantime, 10% of households will be randomly selected to fill out a long form to obtain more detailed demographic information. The registration process will continue until December 10. Census takers and census takers will wear a uniform id card to carry out their work. When census takers visit, residents can first identify themselves as census takers and then ask the census takers to enter their homes for registration.


       Liu Fengsheng first in qingzhen city to work in a foundry, after the introduction of friends, to anshun Xixiu District Lunxian furnace co., LTD. In order to pass the quality control of the furnace production technology, he carefully studied the furnace production theory, humbly asked the old staff repeatedly for the key technology, and gradually grew into the technical backbone of the company. Because of his honesty and earnest work, Liu Fengsheng was appreciated by the company leaders and served as the director of Xingyi branch factory in 1996. In the four years in Xingyi branch factory, Liu Fengsheng insisted on honest management, focusing on the production quality and after-sales service, promised that if there was a problem with the stove, as long as the customer made a phone call, maintenance personnel immediately arrived at the scene to deal with. Under the leadership of Liu Fengsheng, Xingyi branch factory develops the market in good faith, and its annual profit increases from more than 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan. In the aspect of strengthening publicity power, Shui 'an Shangcheng Community makes full use of the building elevator rolling play. Advocate a new style of civilization. Public service advertising, and in the community to implement the packaging of household garbage, cleaning fixed point, dustbin facilities  


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