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May 4, 2013
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Sale: 50% off until May 6

Version 1.1 is now available in Mac App Store and from now until May 6 you can buy Horus News Reader for 3.99$. This update includes themes support adding 2 new themes you can choose in settings window.

mas02 mas03


April 25, 2013
by Fallen Leaf Soft

What’s next? Themes

Next Horus update is ready (version 1.1) and biggest addition are themes. There are 2 new themes: “Vibrant Black” and “Champagne” so you have a total of 3 themes to choose from. Also, from now on the default theme for new users will be “Vibrant Black”.

Vibrant Black


Although the update is ready you’ll have to wait some days until Apple approves it and it’s published in the Mac App Store, but if you can’t wait to try it you can download the free trial version of Horus that is already updated.

Note: You can have both versions, Mac App Store and trial installed at the same time.



April 14, 2013
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Horus for Mac video

Watch Horus News Reader for Mac in action with this demo video. You can also watch it on Youtube, but because of Youtube limitations it will be played at 30fps instead of the original 60fps.

Also, tomorrow you’ll be able to download a trial version of Horus News Reader for Mac.

April 11, 2013
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Horus for Mac now available

Some of you already knew it, but since some months ago I have been working on a Mac version of Horus. Finally, after some heavy delays, it’s now finished and published in the Mac App Store.

Horus Mac main screen

Horus Mac main screen

Horus for Mac options screen

Horus for Mac options screen

Horus for Mac list

Horus for Mac list

Horus for Mac add form

Horus for Mac add form

Horus for Mac reader screen

Horus for Mac reader screen

All the news are two swipes away, no need to select a feed or a category just scroll horizontally and vertically through all your news, and thanks to the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad you’ll feel using Horus in a Mac is just like controlling a touch smartphone or tablet. Also, to provide a smooth 60fps experience, most part of Horus UI has been developed using OpenGL to get all the power of the graphics cards.

To add a new feed click on the (+) button and enter the url of the feed or simply use a search term. Once you have added it you can customize your feeds modifying its color and title, and of course you can sort them the way you prefer. With this color scheme you can organize your feeds by category using a similar color in a category or just using the most iconic color of the website to identify them quickly. To access quickly to one feed you can open a sidebar with a list of all the feeds you have added and click on the one you want to read, Horus will scroll automatically up to that feed.

When you read a news it will be darkened to identify it as read, but you can quickly mark the news as read/unread with a secondary click in the mouse/trackpad or using the combination click+ctrl if you have configured your mouse/trackpad without a secondary button.

With Horus you can also subscribe to your favorite podcasts and videopodcasts. When a media file is detected in a news a new button with a “play” icon is added to open that music or video file in your default browser.

Finally, you can share your favourite news using OS X integrated share sheet. You’ll be able to add the news to Safari’s reading list or share it by e-mail, twitter, facebook or iMessage using the accounts you have already configured in your Mac. Note: this function is only available on OS X 10.8 and later.

If you already knew Horus for Symbian and Meego phones, this first version will be quite similar, but stay tuned for next months because there’ll be some BIG updates, and trust me when I’m saying BIG.

Horus is available for OS X 10.6 and later in the Mac App Store for 7.99$.


September 17, 2012
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Belle Refresh Fix #1

As many of you have experienced, Horus shows several problems with the new Belle Refresh firmware. One of those was that it was impossible to add new feeds because virtual keyboard didn’t show up when text line was selected. This version will fix that¬†problem, but as I have also experienced random crashes you won’t see this version published in Nokia Store. I hope to fix those problems soon but you can download this version (it also solves the problem with Belle FP1 phones like the Nokia 808) meanwhile.

Download: Horus_Beta.sis

Note: you can have both Nokia Store version and this one installed in your phone. This version will be named Horus_BETA.

March 14, 2012
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Horus 1.3.1 Visual changes

You can download now Horus 1.3.1 from Nokia Store for all Symbia^3 devices -except E6, version 1.3.1 for E6 will be available in a couple of weeks probably-.

There are some bug fixes but the most important change you’ll notice will be a little redesign. Here are some screenshots of this new version:



March 2, 2012
by Fallen Leaf Soft

5 tips for using Horus

1.- If you prefer Opera instead of the default web browser in Symbian and you want Horus uses Opera to open websites you only need to set Opera as the default web browser. In your Symbian phone go to Settings -> Application Settings -> Default Applications -> Browsing Internet and choose Opera.

2.- If you want to add a feed that you can’t get using the search option you can add it using the full url of that feed, including http:// at the beginning. If you don’t want to type the url, the easiest way to get it is copying the url from the web browser and paste it in Horus. It’s possible to use the paste option in Horus since the first version but some users have sent me messages asking how to do it. You only have to touch the text box until a popup menu appears, if you click in the text box and the keyboard appears you cannot use the paste option in that screen.

3.- Are you annoyed because there are some feeds that only show a short summary of the news and you need to go to the website to read the full news? Perhaps you should try Fulltextrssfeed.com. Input the url of the feed you want and you’ll get a new url that contains a rss feed with the full news of the original feed. Now, you only have to paste that new url in Horus. Thanks to kulakli for this one.

4.- If your mobile phone uses an AMOLED display and you want to save battery you should use the new dark theme in Horus. That’s because in AMOLED displays every pixel is a single LED and to represent the black color that LED is simply turned off. It’s also important to note that when Horus isn’t updating any feed and you aren’t making any scrolling CPU usage is 0% so you can lock your phone or leave Horus in background without worrying about battery consumption.

5.- If you are using Horus in a s60 phone, you can be asked to allow Internet connection every time Horus is trying to get an image for a news item. To avoid this you need to modify internet connection settings to not ask for permission to use internet.


P.S. Since yesterday it’s possible to find Horus in Nokia Store again using the search option and terms like “Horus”, “Rss reader”… There was a problem last week when Horus disappeared from Nokia Store for 1 day and since then it was impossible to find it using the search tool of Nokia Store.



February 20, 2012
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Horus 1.3.0

Today has been released the version 1.3.0 of Horus for all the Symbian^3 phones -except E6 version- in Nokia Store. These are the most important changes in this version:

- New app icon with Symbian Belle style

Horus Belle Icon

- Improved readability in grid view. A couple of colors have been slightly modified and the text now has a small shadow to improve visibility with bright images.

- 3 Read Modes: Day / Night / Sepia. In addition to the night mode with a black background that some people had requested to improve battery performance in OLED displays there’s a new mode with Sepia background that imitates the feeling of a real book.


- User Agent modified when retrieving XML to avoid mobile versions of websites. This was causing problems with some RSS feeds like Weblogs SL network since the introduction of Symbian Anna.

- Fixed several bugs.


October 25, 2011
by Fallen Leaf Soft

Next Horus update + other news

First, sorry if I haven’t answered some questions/comments lately, I’ve been out of home and something unexpected happened -a good news-. I’ll try to answer those comments in this post and give an advance in the future of Horus updates.

As I published on twitter Horus version for Symbian s60v5 devices is already available in the rebranded Nokia Store.

In the next Horus update, some bugs reported by users will be fixed and one of the most requested features implemented, a dark theme with black background to read news to save battery life with Amoled screens. It should have been made now but because of that unexpected news and some problems with the SDK it will take some extra days.

In a future update, not this one, there will be a new and redesigned UI. This doesn’t mean the current UI will be removed, you’ll only have to push a button to change from one to another.

About other features that have been demanded in the past, like landscape support won’t be made. I tested landscape mode when I was building the E6 version of Horus and unfortunately because of the aspect ratio of Symbian phones -16:9 in a 640×360 screen resolution- and the ads banner made the experience of using the app in landscape mode was not satisfactory so I declined to implement it for now. The other most demanded feature has been a home screen widget. I have commented on it in the past, but to make it clear the library that was used to implement home screen widgets for Symbian apps was an old library in the N97 Mini SDK that is not longer working since the introduction of QT 4.7. Even if Horus was developed targeting QT 4.6 Nokia requires all the new apps submitted to Nokia Store are developed using the latest available version of QT, so for now it’s impossible to make a home screen widget. If in the future there’s a new way to do it or if somebody knows an alternative way it’ll be considered.

I also read a comment about Symbian Belle support. For now you can only download Horus from the original Symbian^3 phones -N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7 and E6- and all the Symbian s60v5 devices. I haven’t added the new Symbian phones released with Belle to the list because I haven’t had the chance to test there are no problems with this new version of Symbian, but if you have one of those new phones, you can try downloading Horus Beta version for Symbian^3. I think it should work, and if you try it I would like to read your feedback.

Last but not least important, if you are one of the lucky owners of a Nokia N9 and you want to beta test Horus for Meego Harmattan, send me an e-mail to support @ fallenleafsoft . com -without spaces-.